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A Pain-ful Discovery

I went into my closet to quickly grab a pair of shoes. As I am holding a shoe in one hand and madly searching for its match, it smacked me in the face. Whoa. This is not working. My closet has organization constipation. I have been questioning my own health lately but right now I am questioning the health of my closet!

Read about how my closet purge led to a discovery of a likely culprit of my low back pain AND yielded a clean closet. What started out merely as a search for a lost mate led to a fleeting dose of shoe guilt, an organizational project and finally to a revelation.

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A Health and Wellness Rant

Running On Empty?

After I made the decision to retire and change direction, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I had no idea how to proceed and since I lacked that alternative, I went without a plan. This is atypical for me, but I remember somebody once talking about feeling the fear and doing it anyway so for once in my life I did it. I let life come to me. It probably had more to do with just being worn to a frazzle, but it turns out that going plan-less and releasing control was a great way for me to begin. Make no immediate plans, percolate, fill your bucket with something you love then TRY A HEALTH AND WELLNESS RANT to re-define your path or moderate your progress toward your health and wellness goals.

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Sick and Tired? The “Question Your Health” Point of View.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? I am. I have been in a serious state of questioning my physical, mental and emotional health. I can’t pinpoint when or how it happened exactly but somewhere I crossed some invisible health tipping point. I need a complete renewal. Join the Question Your Health community and embrace a new path to enduring health, fitness, prevention, and comprehensive wellness of body, mind and spirit.

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